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Last Updated: 27 February The business serves more than 10, clients in over countries and has decades of experience. SHL tests are often a central part of graduate recruitment campaigns, requiring a particular level of performance to progress further through the application process. For instance, numerical reasoning aims to measure the computational skills required for a quantitative position.

shl test results

SHL is not the only publisher of aptitude tests like these, though it is one of the most prominent. Candidates are emailed a link to the tests and will need to complete them in a limited amount of time, usually within a few days or weeks.

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To prevent cheating, successful candidates are often required to sit a second test in-person. The results are compared to the initial test and if they are vastly different, alarm bells will ring.

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This second test often takes place during an assessment day. SHL tests aim to assess candidates under pressure in key areas. These norm groups are typically made up of individuals with similar characteristics, such as age, nationality, level of education and so on. This is to try to account for environmental, societal and cultural factors that could impact performance. The score on the test needed to progress is therefore not a set number but instead is relative to the norm group.

SHL tests are no different. Then you can make your practice much more focused, training the specific skills and strategies needed to perform your best. For example, the most common kind of tests that SHL provide are in their Verify series.

Searching for practice materials and tests from this series will help with precise preparation. Make a note of some essentials.

shl test results

How much time are you likely to have? How many questions? What format are the questions? With that in mind, you can then focus on key skills, and you will have a benchmark for how quick you need to be. Many aptitude tests have tight time limits. So keeping time is important. And, as you will no doubt have experienced before, the added time pressure can have a big impact on your performance. As part of your research, you should be able to get a sense of how long you will have in total and per question.

How to Cheat on SHL CEB Reasoning Tests (and Why You Shouldn’t!)

That way you'll know how quick you need to be. By far the most important part of the process is practice. You just need to get stuck in. Some of these you should do untimed.SHL Saville and Holdsworth Ltd is the largest international provider of ability, behavioural and personality tests. SHL psychometric tests are available in 30 languages across countries.

Many employers choose to include SHL tests as part of their recruitment process. SHL tests can be used to highlight candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to progress into leadership roles in the future. They are suitable for use across all job industries and hierarchy levels, although they are especially popular for graduate recruitment schemes.

It is also possible to search for specific keywords to find a suitable test. At the start of the recruitment process, employers identify key competencies that are required to succeed in the advertised job role. Once these documents have been written, employers select the SHL tests which will help them to assess how well a candidate meets the key competencies required for the job role.

Typically, these will include assessments that have been created to evaluate business, IT and software skills. Employers will choose a specific skills assessment according to the job role they are recruiting for. For example, when recruiting for a secretarial vacancy, they may ask candidates to complete a spelling and grammar, or letter writing test. Tasks will include numerical calculations and equations, word-based mathematical problems and the interpretation of data presented in spreadsheets, graphs or charts.

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Verify Inductive Reasoning Test — This is sometimes called a diagrammatic reasoning or logical reasoning test. It is used to assess problem-solving abilities — often, a sequence of shapes or images will be provided and candidates will be expected to identify the pattern and determine how the sequence continues. Verify Deductive Reasoning Test — Candidates are required to analyse the information provided to identify strengths and weaknesses of an argument, the information needed to complete the scenario that has been outlined to them or make logical conclusions.

Verify Verbal Ability Test — This assessment is used to find out how well a candidate can understand and analyse written information. Candidates are required to read and interpret a section of text before answering questions to demonstrate their understanding of the written information and how this can be used. Typically, candidates will be expected to apply this knowledge to different devices, including cogs, gears, pulleys and levers.

Verify Checking Test — This test looks at how well a candidate can check and compare information in an administrative setting. Employers will be looking for candidates that can check information with both speed and accuracy. SHL can create customisable interactive simulations to put candidates into realistic workplace situations.

Candidate responses during a simulation are then used to gauge their abilities in areas such as accuracy, coaching and customer service. Situational Judgment — Unlike many of the other tests, there are no right or wrong answers for situational judgment tests.

Instead, they are used to find out how a candidate is likely to react and respond to certain situations within the workplace. Realistic Job and Culture Previews RJP — This test can be used to give applicants an insight of working for the recruiting organisation.SHL is testing 7 days a week at our Coralville location. Test results are generally available within one day of receipt at the laboratory. The LTC Facility Medical Director is responsible for ongoing care and medical oversight of patients who test positive.

Long Term Care facilities may order up to 6 specimen collection kits from SHL or obtain supplies via their routine reference laboratory. If ordering through SHL, complete the order form here:. Specimen Collection Kit Order. The State Hygienic Laboratory will perform COVID testing in accordance with one of the following criteria these criteria may broaden as the pandemic expands and additional testing resources become available.

To conserve limited public health resources, please ensure that ONLY specimens from patients meeting the testing criteria above are submitted to the State Hygienic Laboratory. The cost of this testing is assigned to the public health system.

Please ensure you are using appropriate infection control guidance when collecting specimens, which includes at a minimum contact and droplet precautions with eye protection. Healthcare providers can test patients, as they deem appropriate, for COVID infection at national reference laboratories. If healthcare providers choose to test a patient through a national reference laboratory, there is no need to call IDPH for approval.

If a patient tests positive for COVID through a national reference laboratory, the ordering healthcare provider must notify IDPH immediately prior to patient notification by calling Reference laboratories will charge patients for this testing; public health has no funding to cover the costs of these tests. While these are not typical performance characteristics, there is no comparison standard for the test. If you suspect a patient is infected with COVID and the test is negative, you may repeat the test.

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In accordance with biosafety requirements, make certain that the screw cap tightly seals the tube. Leaking samples will be rejected. Pickup requests should be entered by AM for same-day pick-up.

Specimens must be prepared in advance of pick-up. The CDS driver is authorized to leave the site if wait time exceeds 20 minutes. If your facility is locked-down, please make every effort to get the specimens to the driver so they are not delayed by screening lines. A drop box is available at the Coralville lab Sample Drop-Off door for bagged specimens after hours.

Samples meeting any of the following criteria will be rejected and not tested. To meet the verification requirements, laboratories can run external quality controls for their verification plan and send the first 5 positive and 5 negatives for confirmation to the State Hygienic Laboratory.

On those first 10 samples, laboratories will need to report "Presumptive" results until those 10 results are confirmed. If a laboratory holds a Certificate of Accreditation, they will need to follow their accrediting organization requirements.

Click here to print. Skip to main content. University of Iowa search-terms Search.Good news: SHL only counts your correct answers. No penalties are given for wrong answers. This statement reigns true for most SHL tests unless otherwise stated on the specific test.

Since most SHL tests are comprised of multiple-choice question which can better your odds in case you need to make an educated guess. The rate of your correct answers is compared to the average achievement of a norm group. The most relevant norm group is chosen by the employer from several options offered by SHL.

Your score is then transformed into a percentile. This will inform the employer where you rank in the norm group. Your total or raw score does not matter. Since you are compared to people with similar educational backgrounds, you should practise as much as you can to gain an advantage.

SHL results are collected from thousands of test-takers. This data is divided into norm groups so employers can compare a candidate's results to relevant people in the job-seeking market. These groups are defined according to two factors: industry and job level. Below are a few examples. For example, a candidate who is applying for a lawyer position and takes an SHL verbal reasoning test must score significantly on verbal reasoning as it is relevant to him compared to someone who is working finance.

The employer is given an SHL report that includes the normalised score of each test you took.

shl test results

Note, however, you will be unable to obtain this information. Rather, you will be able to receive an SHL feedback report. On that report, your abilities will be marked between grades A and E. Read below to see the full breakdown:. On the normal distribution graph, the 50th percentile represents both the mean and median scores. Note that these scores differ between test and norm groups. Therefore, the absolute score cannot be displayed on this graph.

However, different sections of the bell curve relay various score groups in relation to the mean score. For example: if you fall into the 80th percentile of achieved scores of your norm group, your grade would be B above average. Read the full chart below:. This especially rings true if you failed the current assessment.

How to Understand Your SHL Test Results

The report will provide you with information about your achievements and give you a general idea of your normed scores. Furthermore, with this knowledge, you can more easily know where to focus future practice to strengthen your weak points. There is no general answer to this question. Pass marks and average scores change depending on the norm group and requirements of each employer.

Thus, in order to obtain the job, you must prepare beforehand. If you do not aim for at least a B average, you will likely be cut from the candidate list. SHL test results are normalised, i. Therefore, practising beforehand will allow you to stand out from your norm group and increase your chances of obtaining the job. Remember, there is no way to tell exactly what score is required to pass. Get the best-tailored practice tests for SHL assessments with us.Would you like to take a free SHL practice test before reading this article?

You can take one here right now — take SHL test.

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SHL tests include verbal reasoningnumerical reasoninginductive reasoning and mechanical reasoningamongst other variants. SHL aptitude tests are a way of estimating your maximum ability level. The norm group is typically made up of individuals with similar characteristics, for example age, nationality or education level.

The cut off point represents the minimum ability needed to be successful in a particular job role or department function. While aptitude tests aim to assess your level of ability, there are ways to develop your approach to the tests themselves.

Psychometric tests are different to most other forms of testing. This video shows SHL test examples. For mechanical reasoning tests see the video below for test examplesthe topics may include devices such as pulleys, springs, circuit boards and gears. The tests are designed to place you under maximum pressure, as the business is trying to understand your true potential. Some tests end when you select an incorrect answer. Make sure you understand the instructions for the test, and then scrutinise each question.

Check your workings and answer selections before moving on. Good spot! Thanks you guys for informative tips. I really appreciate the guidance. Big up. Basically, that gives enough background to anyone to sue SHL for misrepresenting their TRUE abilities and causing them a loss of earnings. Some of the questions have no obvious correct answer, one of the practice questions indicated the incorrect answer!! To me, the SHL tests your ability to contain their irritation under severe provocation.

Anyone with half a brain will not be able to withstand the banality that is the SHL test. Same here. A graduate with good academic standing and participated several competitions failed and someone who failed miserably passed.

Pure bs if you ask me. These types of tests are quite different to University of School exams. They are designed to measure types of intelligence that relate to employment.Help Contact Login Frequently asked questions. Here is the full list of frequently asked questions that we deal with from people taking our assessments.

I am having difficulty remembering my password What is the online assessment process? The languages available for the assessments are different to the one I first selected when I entered the site How do I resit the assessment. I would like to get feedback about my assessment results. I ran out of time before I could complete all the questions.

I completed the assessment but my results have not been uploaded. Why am I asked to sign up to more than one data protection notice or agreement? Do I have to complete practice sessions before taking the real assessments? I have a disability or special needs which may affect my ability to complete the assessment. What is the best way to prepare for tests? Can I get the answers to the tests on your site? What is a "normed score"? What is the pass mark? Will I be allowed to use a calculator or a dictionary in my test?

Where can I get more information to prepare myself? I am having difficulty remembering my password. All passwords must be at least eight characters long.

Depending on security policy of the organisation that has ordered the assessments, the password may be set to be weak or strong. A "weak" password will consist of any eight or more characters that you choose. Back to Top What is the online assessment process?Discover how Outcomes Based Assessment can have a tangible, quantifiable impact on your organizational success.

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The Adecco Group Read Success Story We can now be so much more targeted about the specific leadership competencies we need to develop in each individual and build this into their day-to-day work.

We wanted […] a test that would keep applicants engaged but that would also enable us to sift out a healthy proportion of them. Introducing RemoteWorkQ: A science-backed assessment to enable and develop remote workforces.

ABSTRACT REASONING TESTS Questions, Tips and Tricks!

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